Rocking the Boat

It's one thing to not be a jerk to other people and another thing to not be a jerk to yourself. In an attempt to not come off as a jerk to others, we decide to not "rock the boat". This, more often than not, ends in us being jerks to ourselves while concurrently minimizing the ability of the people we interact with to hear information that they may not like. No one wins, dudes.

When not rocking the boat means not asserting yourself to express your wants or needs, passive aggression finds a comfortable place to hang out in the pit of your stomach. When your top finally blows (which it will), your needs are even less likely to be heard, understood, or met because they have now been accompanied by yelling, anger, or just generally being a jackass.

Moreover, when you decide to rock the boat, disrupt the status quo, or, um *smash the state*, you are actually affirming to the people around you that you think highly enough of them that you know they won't crumble if they hear something they don't like. It can be helpful in the moments when you consider biting your tongue to keep the peace, all of the times you've thought, "damn, I wish so-and-so had just *told* me instead of letting this [insert dumb passive aggressive event] happen". 

Let's trust our own guts to know when we need to assert our needs, let's trust each other to be able to not die when we hear something we don't like. Let's all rock the boat a little bit more and just have fun if we fall in the water.