Mother, May I?

You've felt stuck at work, or in your relationship. You find yourself starting the majority of your sentences with "if only ___ would ___, then I could ____". You are waiting for someone else to grant you permission to take hold of your own life and enjoy the hell out of it.

Sometimes we look to other people to make the first move, to grant us permission, even if it's not what we are after in the long run just to avoid being held accountable for making a bold move.

The frustration that stems from waiting to be granted permission, only to have it not satisfy our needs, leads to anger, resentment, and depressive feelings. Learning to be able to grant yourself permission to make moves is one of the most liberating skills a person can build. Imagine if you no longer waited for your job to not suck, for your partner to be cool, or for your pants to fit better. Instead you made the decision/granted yourself permission to find happiness by loving the work that you do, being in a satisfying relationship, and embracing the body you have today.

Evaluate what makes you feel stuck today. Take stock to check in with who you are waiting to hand you the golden ticket to make you feel less stuck. Now grant yourself permission to live your best life.