Living Life from the Inside Out

For so long I tried to take my cues for how to live my life by being super observant about what the people around me expected. Man, it drove me bananas. I've learned to live my life from the inside out after living so long from the outside in. 

Stick with me here.

The trouble came from my reliance on seeking my cues from the people around me to the extent that I lost track of what I wanted or needed. I'd find myself so overwhelmed with the wants and desires that were tossed into the ether that I became frustrated, hopeless, and even panicked at times. These desires showed up in my Facebook feed, on Instagram, at brunch (even the fact that I felt the need to attend brunch). I got mired down with ideas of who I should be, while losing touch with who I am.

I was truly living my life from the outside in: trying to make my insides match the outside junk being tossed in my direction and orbiting my thoughts.

Now I try to make a practice of living my life from the inside out: trying to engage with people and environments that support the core of who I am when I dig deep inside.

Ya know, it's a damn sweet life.